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November flew by and it’s already time for the Bullet Journal setup of December. It’s getting cold outside and it already feels like winter, with temperatures of -10 degrees Celcius. I’m already looking forward to Christmas, snowy days and the time spend with family and friends!


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About me

I’m Natascha, Bullet Journalist, planner addict and book lover. I write about different aspects of the Bullet Journal every week to make sure you get the inspiration and knowledge you need for your own Bullet Journal!

What is a Bullet Journal?

A Bullet Journal is a very customizable organization system. You can make it your todo list, notebook, diary and calendar, but it will probably be all of the above. To get you started quick, you can read the ‘how to get started‘ page.

Recent posts

Header photo Frequently asked questions

I get a lot of questions from people around the world! It’s great to see that people are curious about Bullet Journaling. Some questions are asked on a regular base and that inspired me to write this post where I try to answer the most frequently asked questions about my Bullet Journal.


Bullet Journal giveaway

It’s already the end of November and December is around the corner. It’s almost the month of Christmas and giving presents. I have made a list with gifts under 10$ for the Bullet Journal. These presents are great to give to your beloved ones, or just to threat yourself this Christmas!


Header photo Blog Statistics October 2016

We started almost six months ago with a small self-hosted site through Bluehost.  A lot has changed since then. The looks have changed, the server has changed and more content is added over time. Howtobulletjournal.com is steadily growing and it’s so excited to see that people actually like our vision on the Bullet Journal! We thought it’s a great time to share some of our blog statistics with you after all this work.


Seventeen before 2017

The end of the year is almost near! So it’s time to set some goals again! I’m listing seventeen goals I want to accomplish before 2016 ends. Take a look at my ‘Seventeen before 2017‘ page in my Bullet Journal!


How to Start a Blog: Plugins

It’s been some time since the last post in the ‘how to start your own blog’ series. Time for another blogpost! So far I’ve talked about setting up WordPress in Bluehost and how to customize your blog. Today It’s time to talk about plugins.


header photo November setup

It’s almost November again. Autumn is finally kicking in. Golden leaves lay scattered on the ground and there was enough of a chill to need a jacket. Autumn is a season that’s pretty damn varied! We can quickly descend from the warmth of late summer, to gales and rain, only to be followed by fog and frost.
I can’t wait to jump in my warm sweater and fluffy socks with a nice cup with some hot chocolate!

But this post isn’t all about autumn! Let’s start about my November setup!